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Trading camp 6. - 8. 12.

Join us for a unique 3 day event where you can dive into trading, meet & talk to professionals from one of the biggest trading departments in Central Europe, run simulations and learn many things about yourself from assessment tests & games. Last but not least, network, play Poker with our Professional traders and other choosen ones & for the best ones we have a job offer ready.

Full-time work, part-time work

Why you should attend trading camp?

  • You will have a chance to test your skills in one of the biggest Trading in Central Europe
  • You will learn so much stuff. Not only about trading but also about yourself! Part of the program are assessment tests & games. You will get feedback and results.
  • You will spend 3 days with trading professionals and will have a chance to ask them literally anything.
  • You will have a chance to make a new friends, network and make contacts for your future career.
  • For the best ones there is a possibility to get a job opportunity.

What will you experience?

  • Accomodation, food & transport is provided
  • Assessment games & tests with feedback & results
  • Trading presentations & workshops
  • Trading simulation
  • Poker night

What do you have to do to get here?

  • You should be student of final grade (3rd bc or 2nd masters) or graduate with max 1 year work experience
  • English language (min. B2) is a must
  • Basic knowledge of trading principles would be nice, but not a must.
  • You have to apply via "Apply" button
  • It is not mandatory but we strongly recommend to send us max 1 minute introduction video in English about yourself and your motivation to attend the camp.
  • Your application must be submitted no later than on 8th November 2021
  • You don't need to pay anything. There is no fee. You just have to be selected :)

Selection process:

  • 8.11. Application deadline
  • 12.11. Candidates informed if they were pre-selected or not. Pre-selected candidates will receive assessment test that should be submitted by 19th November.
  • 23.11. Final candidates selected & invited to the event

Event Program (Subject to a change):

Day 1:

  • Analytical part - presentation and solving of a complex problem
  • Feedbacks
  • Assessment games, team games focused on teamwork, problem solving, risk appetite,...

Day 2:

  • Workshop - trading, market, trading simulation
  • Trayport trading simulation
  • Dinner and poker night

Day 3:

  • Trading simulation (Capacity game)
  • Evaluation, feedbacks, talks

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